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Please email your flight itinerary, or proposed flight itinerary, and we will take care of your travel arrangements from Caracas to Los Roques. It is a 45 minute plane ride to Los Roques from the airport. Please note, if your flight arrives in the evening, you will have to overnight at an airport hotel, or in Caracas, and fly to Los Roques the next morning, as flights to Los Roques stop at 5pm. Also, if you have an early morning departure from Caracas to home, on your return, you may have to leave Los Roques the night before, in order to catch an early departure.

Flights to Los Roques and Caracas leave in the early morning 7-9am, and the afternoon hours 3-5pm. Once we receive your itinerary, we will book the flights for you, and give you hotel suggestions should you need them.